New album 'The Night Is Calling'

The new album from Arcade Daydream, entitled 'The Night Is Calling', will be released in early 2019 by Island Dust Records.

This is the first album to be written and recorded in the newly refitted Island Dust Studio.  The album is a blend of genres and has a widely diverse sonic palette thanks in part to the wide array of hardware instruments and other equipment used in its recording. Unhappy with the robotic and stale nature of today's EDM, Arcade Daydream mastermind John Knight has worked on crafting an album that harkens back to a time where musicians and engineers weren't inundated with the plethora of powerful but-perhaps-too-instant options that plague most music today. "Everything sounds same-y today" says Knight, "everyone is using the same five virtual synths, the same five drum kits, the same five presets and everyone is too afraid to step outside of their genre to experiment.  I specifically set out to break any habits I had and focus on the ideas and little accidents and nurture just what I thought sounded cool and not what everyone wanted to hear". He adds with much enthusiasm "This album ain't safe for trap festivals, and I'm completely fine with that."  

  Island Dust Records