Brief Hiatus: Moved to Texas!

Off To Texas + Studio Rebuild!

It's been a while since I've given an update on Arcade Daydream, so I thought I'd make a quick post on here letting everyone know what's up!  (please stop DMing me, thnx!)

As some of you knew, I was a co-owner of a communications business in NC and after some thought I decided to sell my shares and move back to my home state of Texas!  I really missed my parents and was generally pretty miserable every time I had to get back on an airplane back to NC so it felt like the right thing to do.

I've been in Texas since December and have been looking for a good house, one with suitable studio space where I can rebuild Island Dust Studio (I think I'm on mach 3 at this point).  I finally found one this past week and signed the paperwork today.

If you've ever operated a major or even just a home project studio, you'll know that moves of any size can and will have a drastic effect on every aspect of workflow, sound, ease of use, turn around, ability to capitalize on past lessons learned, and the speed of quality.


'The Night Is Calling' album

I've been trying to put out an album called 'The Night Is Calling' for more than 2 years.  I had over 40 tracks in various states of completeness and quality.  I had the artwork commissioned and paid for.  I even had interest from a few labels.   However, I never really heard a cohesive sound or anything that I'd feel comfortable releasing as a whole so I kept postponing it.  Part of it was learning to use some new gear that I've acquired in the last few years and I'd say most of it was having to maintain a workload outside of the studio of a not inconsequential nature (running a company or part of a company is though work and will monopolize your life).

With some newfound financial freedom and no pressure to jump directly into a work force as before, I'm able to really put all of my attention into Arcade Daydream.  However, with a move 7 states away, and with the inevitable tone and vibe change I've made the decision to bin 'The Night Is Calling'.


New Single: 'Slushee Beats'

I have already started work on this releasing Slushee Beats as a new single which is available now on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Napster, Google Play/Youtube Music, Beatport, and more.  I'll probably release a few more one off singles of the work from 2017-2019, but the new album will be entirely written and recorded from Feb 2020 and on.  I have an idea for the direction I want to go in and I can't wait to share it with you.



New single 'Rainbow Road' available Jan 15th, 2019

The new single 'Rainbow Road' will release internationally on January 15th, 2019 and will be available on Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, iTunes, Tidal and more!

Click here to pre-save the album on Spotify:

New album 'The Night Is Calling'

The new album from Arcade Daydream, entitled 'The Night Is Calling', will be released in early 2019 by Island Dust Records.

This is the first album to be written and recorded in the newly refitted Island Dust Studio.  The album is a blend of genres and has a widely diverse sonic palette thanks in part to the wide array of hardware instruments and other equipment used in its recording. Unhappy with the robotic and stale nature of today's EDM, Arcade Daydream mastermind John Knight has worked on crafting an album that harkens back to a time where musicians and engineers weren't inundated with the plethora of powerful but-perhaps-too-instant options that plague most music today. "Everything sounds same-y today" says Knight, "everyone is using the same five virtual synths, the same five drum kits, the same five presets and everyone is too afraid to step outside of their genre to experiment.  I specifically set out to break any habits I had and focus on the ideas and little accidents and nurture just what I thought sounded cool and not what everyone wanted to hear". He adds with much enthusiasm "This album ain't safe for trap festivals, and I'm completely fine with that."  

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